GraphWalker is a open source Model Based Testing tool for test automation. The GW4E project, distinct from the GraphWalker project, aims to deliver Eclipse plugins providing the ability to use the GraphWalker standard features (and much more) directly in the Eclipse IDE. In a hurry? View an introduction on Youtube
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Eclipse IDE is a platform that has been designed from the ground up for building integrated application development tooling. The value of the platform is that it encourages: rapid development of integrated features based on a plug-in model. GW4E plugins are built on top of the Eclipse Java Development Tools. JDT provides the tool plug-ins that implement a Java IDE supporting the development of any Java application. This project leverages the Eclipse JDT and GraphWalker apis to deliver a GraphWalker environment for Eclipse developers. They add a GW4E project nature and GW4E perspective to the Eclipse Workbench as well as a number of views, editors, wizards, builders, and refactoring tools. Using GW4E will help you to develop faster your GraphWalker projects and ease their maintenance.

GW4E Graph Editor

GW4E Java Test Conversion Wizard Pages

Have a look at what features GW4E offers.

Supported OS and Eclipse platform

This current version of GW4E (4.0.0-SNAPSHOT) is meant to run on top of Eclipse Neon IDE for Java EE Developers and can be run on Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu 16.04 , Mac OS Sierra.

Starting with GW4E

Follow these steps to start:

  1. Download & Install Eclipse Neon
  2. Install GW4E on top of Eclipse Neon
  3. Follow GW4E tutorials


If you are a user of the project, please follow the announcements made on the GW4E forum

There will be important information regarding new upcoming versions and deprecation published there.