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Before you get into exploring GW4E as a potential environment for GraphWalker development, you need to be familiar with GraphWalker concepts. If this is not the case, don’t hesitate to visit their web site

Survey features

  • The plugins provide the ability to use the GraphWalker standard features directly in the Eclipse IDE. In addition, you will also benefit within your workbench the following :
    1. GraphWalker Import & Creation projects
    2. Integrated editor for graphs model editing
    3. GraphWalker Online Tests code generators
    4. GraphWalker Offline Tests code generators
    5. GraphWalker Tests & Graph Models synchronization
    6. Automated analyzes and checks of graphs with configurable severity levels
    7. Refactoring capabilities
    8. Ability to run and debug GraphWalker tests
    9. Ability to generate manual tests in spreadsheet
    10. Ability to generate offline tests
    11. Creating fixed guided path to be run for debugging
    12. Integrated editor to author your build policy rules
    13. Learning capabilities with a bunch of Eclipse cheat sheets (integrated tutorials) to guide you through GW4E main features.

Getting started

To get started, see Introduction to Tutorials.