Troubleshooting your tests
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The GraphWalker documentation states that there are two testing types:

  1. Online testing means that a model-based testing tool connects directly to an SUT and tests it dynamically.
  2. Offline means generating a test sequence once, that can be later run automatically… Notice that in that case, you have to save the output of the Offline tool somewhere, use a java editor to create a java class and add a test method whose body would be this output reformatted.

In this tutorial, you will learn what is Online and Offline GraphWalker testing and see how Offline can help to debug your tests.

Accessing the tutorial

To access one of these tutorials, follow these steps :

  1. Launch Eclipse, if not already launched
  2. In the main menu, select Help -> Cheat Sheets…
  3. In the “Cheat Sheets Selection” dialog, expand the GW4E tree item
  4. Select the “Troubleshooting your tests” tutorials and click OK
  5. A cheat sheet view is opened, you can now follow the tutorial