Managing Graph Models and Tests LifeCycle
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In this tutorial, you will see how to convert an existing project. The “java-amazon” project will be used and is provided by the GraphWalker project as an example. After the conversion, you will launch directly the tests project, from within the Eclipse IDE without any changes. Notice that while working on your project, you will necessarily update your graph models. This tutorial will learn how to regenerate your tests interfaces and implementations to keep them in synch.

Accessing the tutorial

To access one of these tutorials, follow these steps :

  1. Launch Eclipse, if not already launched
  2. In the main menu, select Help -> Cheat Sheets…
  3. In the “Cheat Sheets Selection” dialog, expand the GW4E tree item
  4. Select the “Managing Graph Models and Tests LifeCycle” tutorials and click OK
  5. A cheat sheet view is opened, you can now follow the tutorial