How to build GW4E
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You will contribute with Git tooling.

Pre-install requirements

  • Install Java JDK 8
  • Install Maven
  • Git
  • Eclipse Neon IDE for Java EE Developers

Get the source code

Get the latest source code from GitHub:

git clone gw4e-project

Build the GW4E Update site

cd gw4e-project
mvn clean install 

The location of the update site file is:

Loading the GW4E Eclipse projects in Eclipse IDE

In order to have all libraries in your environment, execute first the above step Build the GW4E Update site

  1. Launch Eclipse Neon
  2. File -> Import
  3. General -> Existing Project into Workspace
  4. Click Next button
  5. Click Browse… button
  6. Select the folder gw4e-project (created when you cloned the git repository)
  7. Click Finish