Version 4.0 of the GW4E
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Version number

The GW4E version is based on the GraphWalker 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT. In order to comply with the GraphWalker project versioning, GW4E version is 4.0.


  1. GraphWalker Import & Creation projects
  2. Integrated editor for graphs model editing
  3. GraphWalker Online Tests code generators
  4. GraphWalker Offline Tests code generators
  5. GraphWalker Tests & Graph Models synchronization
  6. Automated analyzes and checks of graphs with configurable severity levels
  7. Refactoring capabilities
  8. Ability to run and debug GraphWalker tests
  9. Learning capabilities with a bunch of Eclipse cheat sheets (integrated tutorials) to guide you through GW4E main features.

Source code

Source code can be found at this github location